Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation

Hyundai NGV establishes a technological cooperation network in partnership with universities and R&D institutions at home
and abroad and engages in industry-academy-research joint research activities, aiming to secure future source technologies
and improve Hyundai Motor Group’s technological competitiveness.


We operate a research supporting system for efficient task management and communication between Hyundai Motor Group and universities.
We operate an online competition system for discovering creative ideas in universities.

Research Support System (PMS)

Management of industry-university-research joint research projects

Two-way communication, schedule, output, research log, security data, etc.


Expert Recommendation System

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We recommend the best experts based on the expert DB for each major technology/region built through qualitative analysis and data such as papers and patents.


Recommended example

전문가 추천 서비스

Online Application System for Idea Suggestion (OASIS)

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We operate OASIS, in order to facilitate interactive information exchange between Hyundai Motor Group and colleges and to encourage creative research proposals.

* OASIS : Online Application System for Idea Suggestion (