About Hyundai NGV

We create a better future for securing global technological competitiveness and realizing industry-university-research win-win growth by contributing to the development of next-generation technologies and fostering outstanding talents based on the spirit of creative challenge, respect for talent, and industry-academia-research cooperation networks.

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Core Value

We fulfill the core values of Hyundai Motor Group.

Code of Conduct & Rules of Behavior

Hyundai NGV understands and defines Hyundai Motor Group’s five core values as below.


Think twice
from a customer perspective

Code of Conduct

  • Ask “why,” “what” and “how” from a customer perspective
  • Try to understand the customer’s needs exactly

Rules of Behavior

  • Make a swift response to the customer’s request to enhance a satisfaction level
  • Have good manners and business etiquette


Behave in the challenger
spirit of “I can do it”

Code of Conduct

  • Think of why you need to do it before taking action
  • Face the situation in a positive attitude, being unafraid of failure

Rules of Behavior

  • Think about possibilities first, and reduce impossibilities while putting it into action
  • Give it a try first, not passing it onto others
  • Encourage and support others to take up a challenge, regardless of success or failure


Create the synergy of cooperation
through trust and consideration

Code of Conduct

  • Lead to a better result based on mutual trust and respect as well as the spirit of “one team”
  • Create a mutually beneficial future in a cooperative manner in which juniors trust seniors while seniors are considerate of juniors

Rules of Behavior

  • Listen to and understand other opinions fully before speaking yours
  • Understand and respect the tasks of other teams and positions
  • Accept a business cooperation request in a positive manner


Create a people-oriented
corporate culture based on
positive attitude and compliments

Code of Conduct

  • Focus on the process rather than the outcome and recognize employees’ values to pursue their welfare and satisfaction
  • Create a positive and vibrant culture, providing a fair chance of growth

Rules of Behavior

  • Choose a single specialty for every employee and make efforts to develop related skills
  • Achieve a work-life balance by implementing a people-oriented corporate culture


Understand cultural diversity
and improve global competency

Code of Conduct

  • Enhance global communication capabilities
  • Acquire world-class expertise through various experiences
  • Pursue a global standard in terms of work and mindset

Rules of Behavior

  • Improve competencies to perform global work
  • Perform your duties with the pride of being the world’s No. 1
  • Practice love for neighbors