About Hyundai NGV

We create a better future for securing global technological competitiveness and realizing industry-university-research win-win growth by contributing to the development of next-generation technologies and fostering outstanding talents based on the spirit of creative challenge, respect for talent, and industry-academia-research cooperation networks.

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Together for a better future


Secure competitiveness in source and fundamental technology
and discover and foster future talents

In the era of unlimited competition in technological development, Hyundai NGV was founded with the mission to establish a technological cooperation network between universities and R&D institutes at home and abroad, aiming to enhance the synergy effect of the discovery of independent next generation technology and joint cooperation and to nurture key R&D resources who will lead the automotive industry of Korea.



Together for a better future

With a creative challenge, respect for talent and industry-academy-research cooperation as the important pillars of the company, Hyundai NGV contributes to the development of talent and next generation technology, creating a better future to secure competitiveness in global technologies and to realize mutual growth in the industry-academy-research network.