About Hyundai NGV

We create a better future for securing global technological competitiveness and realizing industry-university-research win-win growth by contributing to the development of next-generation technologies and fostering outstanding talents based on the spirit of creative challenge, respect for talent, and industry-academia-research cooperation networks.

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About the historical footprints of Hyundai NGV


Specialized in industry-academy cooperation, Hyundai NGV was established in 2000 to help Hyundai Motor Group to secure global competitiveness.
It provides mobility information, supports industry-university-research joint research, discovers and hires excellent talent, and establishes and operates a specialized technical education system.

  • 2020

    2022 years


    Publication of battery industry comprehensive status and issue reporting


    Development of future new technology education system establishment process (design of 233 courses in the fields of meta-factory, future mobility, and green energy)

    Promoting the 3rd project of the contract department (securing talents in future mobility technologies such as SW, autonomous driving, and semiconductors)

    Industry-academia achievement sharing meeting and next-generation battery global expert invitation conference


    Establishment of next-generation solar cell joint laboratory for mobility
    (participation with UNIST)


    Securing public confidence as an AI competency certification evaluation institution through HDAT private qualification registration (Registration No. 2022-0035 No. 12)
    * HDAT (Hyundai Motor group data analytics Test)


    Publication of technical reports such as Web3.0/Metaverse/NFT


    Completion of long-term/intensive course for new employees in SW/control field
    (SW Intensive Program, 3 months, 6 classes, 191 people completed the training)


    Softeer selected as Hyundai Motor Group’s official software evaluation platform
    * Softeer(Software Engineer)

  • 2020

    2021 years


    2030 Mobility Promising Technology Trend Analysis

    Received the Minister of Education Award (Match-up new energy vehicle sector)

    BSR (vibration joint) conference planning/operation


    Big data school planning/operation

    Establishment of strategic technology linkage cooperation system

    Began operation of Battery Joint Research Center (BJRC)

    The 1st Hyundai Motor Group SW Coding Contest held


    AI contest, AI expert course planning/operation

    SW conference operation


    Establishment of SW competency development system


    Promotion of AI convergence talent industrial site technical manpower development project

    Patent registration: device and method for generating document clusters


    Initiated chassis integration new technology DB/new technology sensing process development

    Launched Softeer (SW competency diagnosis platform)

  • 2020

    2020 years


    Developed Project Management System

    Established a roadmap in response to future mobility technologies

    Held HMG Open R&D Day 2020

    Built a future mobility technology talent pool


    Discovered next-generation battery technology

    Provided Technical cooperation Total Solution for virtual automotive technology development

    Developed Data-driven expert search algorithm


    Developed Power distribution and communications technology TRM

    Established external technical cooperation system in the field of reliability technology


    Set up Hydrogen industry information hub (1st stage)


    Launched HMG Big Data School

    Established job DB standard system


    Conduct non-face-to-face real-time field training


    Operated Startup PoC project


    Developed technology for automatic classification of research literature based on unsupervised learning and applied for a patent

  • 2019

    2019 years


    Discovered new hydrogen storage technology


    Established Hydrogen Industry Research Institute

    Held HMG Tech Conference 2019


    Established technology strategy based on the analysis of NHTSA VOC

    Established Technology Cooperation Total Solution business model


    Established AI/Data science training system (27 courses)

    Standardized evaluation criteria for Hyundai Motor Group scholarship students

    Developed future multi-purpose mobility concept and specifications


    Participated in the Ministry of Education’s Matchup Consortium

    Completed Vehicle body technology future prediction and roadmap project

    Held the 14th Future Automotive Technology Contest Finals


    Launched Electrified Mobility Technology DB (HINTs)


    Developed and operated training courses in the field of autonomous driving

  • 2018

    2018 years


    Signed an MOU with Artificial Intelligence Consortium (SNU)

    Completed Hyundai Motor Group’s 15th Research Scholarship program


    Held Future Technology Seminar titled ‘Understanding and Forecasting of Artificial Intelligence technology’

    Held the Future Mobility Startup Idea Contest

    Held Smart Mobility Conference for Research Scholarship Students and Contract Department


    Held Hyundai Motor Group’s academic conference


    Planned and operated Academic control support programs (AUTOSAR)

    Planned and operated Software Acadamy


    Held ‘Hydrogen Industry and Fuel Cell’ Future Technology Seminar

    Held Hyundai Motor Group R&D Research Fellow Technology Forum


    Conducted Hyundai Mobis Technology Roadmap Improvement project


    Launched the 14th Future Automotive Technology Contest

    Planned and operated automotive parts durability and reliability conference

    Conducted Hyundai Motor Powertrain Center Technology Roadmap Improvement project

    Held Hyundai Motor Company Autonomous Driving UX Contest


    Conducted the R&D center tour for university students


    Planned and held Strategic Technology Headquarters Future Innovation Technology Seminar

    Launched 2nd year Contract Department project launch (nurturing talents among students for master’s degree)


    Launched Technology information platform (L!NK) membership program

    Held Hyundai NGV HRD Seminar

    Conducted Hyundai Kefico Technology Roadmap Improvement project

  • 2016

    2016 years


    Developed a document management course for Hyundai Motors R&D

    Established a talent development system and program for Hyundai Autron/Hyundai Kefico

    Held a technology forum for senior R&D researchers

    Hyundai Motor Group’s scholarship students (13th session) - finished the course


    Held a technology seminar, inviting structural acoustics scholars from abroad

    Discovered promising technologies (future vehicle’s interior concept, vehicle NVH, etc.)


    Provided vehicle structure and disassembly/assembly education courses for Hyundai Motor Group

    Developed online technical training content (vehicle manufacturing technology essence)

    Signed an MOU for the 2nd year of Hyundai Motor Group’s contract-based department’s bachelor degree course


    Declared Hyundai NGV’s slogan, “Connect N Create”


    Held a BSR contest and a forum to revitalize industry-academy cooperation in NVH/R&H/durability (in connection w/ the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers’ symposium)

    Developed a technology intelligence platform (L!NK)


    Established a talent development system to foster engineering design system experts for Hyundai Motors

    Remodeled the classrooms in Hyundai & Kia Next Generation Research Building


    Founded the Future Talent Training Center (located in Chung Mong Goo Automotive Research Center in Hanyang University)

  • 2015

    2015 years


    Established a talent development system and program for Hyundai Motors’ Vehicle IT Dev. Center/Aerodynamic Dev. Team/ Cooling & HVAC Dev. Team

    Held a Hyundai Mobis’ technology forum

    Hyundai Motor Group’s scholarship students (12th session) - finished the course


    Held an NVH technology forum and developed a new research management support system


    Held the 1st BSR Conference


    Held a Hyundai Wia’s technology seminar


    Established an R&D talent development system and program for Hyundai Steel


    Held a creative idea contest for vehicle BSR & sound quality


    Discovered promising technologies (vehicle UX)


    Conducted the contract-based department’s 1st OJT

    Developed an evaluation model for comprehensive technical training

    Provided an education to Hyundai Motor Group’s suppliers through training donation (structural optimization and durability CAE)