About Hyundai NGV

We create a better future for securing global technological competitiveness and realizing industry-university-research win-win growth by contributing to the development of next-generation technologies and fostering outstanding talents based on the spirit of creative challenge, respect for talent, and industry-academia-research cooperation networks.

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CEO’s Greeting

CEO’s welcome message

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We connect people to technology to create a new value and a future.

Welcome to Hyundai NGV.

Hyundai NGV was established in 2000 at the dawn of a new century, aiming to secure competitiveness in source and fundamental technologies and foster highly competent talents and helping Hyundai Motor Group to solidify its position as the world’s leading car maker.
Today, the automotive industry is essential to its home country, influencing national competitiveness. Hyundai Motor Group has established its position as one of the leaders in the global car market, thanks to its innovation and improvement in quality competitiveness.

To augment Hyundai Motor Group’s technological competitiveness, Hyundai NGV is expanding its cooperation with industrial and academic circles at home and abroad, striving to improve R&D capabilities by establishing a talent training system, and also by fostering talents at home and abroad to provide them with an opportunity to grow into the core R&D resources of Hyundai Motor Group.
In addition, Hyundai NGV is strengthening not only education programs regarding future technology, such as autonomous vehicle, connectivity, AI and big data, but industry-academy cooperation to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I look forward to your continuous encouragement and support for Hyundai NGV.

Junghoon Oh CEO of Hyundai NGV