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Privacy Policy

Hyundai NGV Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) considers the protection of personal information highly important and complies with the laws and regulations with regard to privacy protection, including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.”
The Company has posted this Privacy Policy in public on its website’s main page or a page linked to the main page, in order to allow the user to easily check how and why his/her personal information is used as well as what measures are taken to handle such personal data in a safe manner.
In case when there is any amendment to this Privacy Policy, the Company will notify such change and the reason therefor in the Notice section on its website’s main page or through an extra pop-up window.

This Privacy Policy takes into effect from September 17, 2018.

1. Personal information items collected and the method of such collection

The Company collects personal information items specified below, aiming to provide services smoothly:

A) Business inquiry : Organization, Name, Contact Info. (Telephone or mobile phone number, or e-mail address)

B) Report registration through the Internet : Name, Contact Info. (Telephone or mobile phone number, or e-mail address)

2. Collection of personal data and the purpose of use

The Company collects personal information through its website and utilizes the collected personal data for the following purposes:

  • To reply to business inquiries and secure a smooth communication channel; and
  • To check the reporter’s identification and notify actions taken

3. Sharing of personal data and the provision to a third party

In principle, the Company is restricted from providing a third party with personal information, except the following cases:

  • When the user gives a prior consent; or
  • When it is required by laws and regulations or when a request is made, in accordance with the procedure and method prescribed by laws, by investigative authorities for the investigative purpose.

4. Consignment of collected personal information

The Company does not consign the user’s personal data to an outside company without the user’s prior agreement.
If such consignment becomes necessary, the Company will notify the user of the consignee and consignment details and obtain a prior consent if necessary.

5. Storage of collected personal information and the period of use

A. In principle, the Company destroys the personal information whose purpose of collection and use has been achieved.

B. Personal information is handled and stored for the following periods:

  • For six (6) months after inquiries and reports are registered;
  • Until the end of investigation in case when an investigation is underway due to a violation of related laws and regulations

6. How to destroy personal information

If requested for the cancellation of a service, it is a principle for the Company to destroy the relevant personal information without delay in accordance with the Terms of Use. Such personal data is destroyed as follows:

How to destroy data

  • Personal information in hard copy is destroyed by a paper shredder or incineration.
  • Personal information stored in electronic form is deleted technically so that the records can never be restored again.

7. Withdrawal of consent to collect, use and provide personal information

The user may withdraw, at any time, his/her consent to the collection, use and provision of personal information. Please contact the person in charge of privacy policy by email, and the Company will withdraw the consent accordingly.

8. Installation and operation of automatic collection device regarding personal information and
the refusal thereof

A. The Company may use “cookies” to store and retrieve user data at any time. A cookie is a small-sized text file that the website submits to the user’s computer browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). When a user visits the website, the Company’s computer reads the cookies deposited on the user’s computer and finds additional information about the user, providing services without the user entering additional information such as his/her name.

B. Cookies identify users’ computers, not such users as individuals. In addition, users have an option for cookies. By adjusting the web browser options, users may opt to allow all cookies, receive a notification when cookies are installed or reject all cookies.

9. Techniques and management policy with regard to personal information

The Company puts in place technical measures as below to ensure that collected personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, falsified or breached.

A. The user’s personal information is protected by a password. In addition, the Company protects important data by applying an extra security measure, such as encrypting file and transmission data or using a file lock function.

B. The Company takes measures to prevent any damages caused by computer viruses, by using vaccine programs, which are updated on a regular basis. If a computer virus emerges all of a sudden, the Company provides a vaccine to prevent the collected personal information from being breached.

C. The Company uses devices designed to block any intrusion from the outside, aiming to prevent personal data from being leaked. An intrusion detection system is installed on each server, monitoring security breach 24/7.

D. The Company has adopted security devices that use encryption algorithms and send personal data safe on the network.
When it comes to handling the user’s personal information, the Company puts in place the management policy as below to ensure that collected personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, falsified or breached.

  • A. The Company restricts an access to personal data only to the following personnel:
    • ① the person who performs his/her work in direct contact with the user;
    • ② the person who takes charge of personal information management; and
    • ③ the person who is required to handle personal data for his/her work
  • B. The Company requires all employees to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement when they join the Company, to prevent any data leaks by employees, and prepares internal procedures to monitor the fulfillment of the Privacy Policy and employees’ compliance therewith.
  • C. The person who deals with personal information transfers his/her duty in a strictly secure environment. The Company clarifies responsibilities with regard to any personal data breaches when employees join and leave the Company.

10. Persons in charge of personal information management

The security maintenance responsibility for the user’s password regarding personal information lies in the user himself/herself.
Since the Company never asks the user for his/her password, it is important to take great caution so that the password is not leaked to others.
When it comes to privacy protection, if a security breach occurs in violation of the matters notified to the user, the persons in charge of personal information management assume the responsibility for such an accident.
The Company designates a person in charge of collecting opinions and handling complains with regard to personal data.
The following is the contact information of persons in charge of personal information management:

  • Privacy manager : Head of the HR Team
  • Email :
  • Tel. : 02-870-8000
  • Fax : 02-870-8088
  • Working hours (weekdays: 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. except lunch time (11:30 a.m.~12:30 p.m.); closed on Saturday/Sunday/Holiday)

11. Refusal of unauthorized collection of emails

The Company refuses the unauthorized collection of email addresses through an email collection program or other technical devices. Any person who violates this rule may be punished in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations.