About Business

Hyundai NGV is doing our best to provide internal and external support and cooperation in various fields including
technical information analysis/academy and industry joint research/recruiting talented personnel/training researchers and etc.

Future Talent

R&D Talent Selection & IncubationDetail

Foster talents with strong R&D backgrounds

The Research Scholarship Program is a program that selects outstanding talents enrolled in master's and doctoral programs who will lead Hyundai Motor Group's R&D division in the future.If selected as a research scholarship student, a scholarship is provided so that they can focus on research. Research assignments and practical training are conducted with on-the-job mentors related to the scholarship student's research field.Through these research support programs, you can grow into future R&D talents of Hyundai Motor Group with R&D capabilities.

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Contract-based Department SystemDetail

To nurture R&D talents with knowledge in convergence technology

The contract department system is an industry-university cooperation program for nurturing talents in the future mobility field of Hyundai Motor Group.
If selected as a scholarship student, they will go on to the master's program of the university operated by the contract department, conduct related research and You will take the curriculum.
We support on-site practical training and individual industry assignments so that we can grow into future mobility talents.

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Softeer Detail

Hyundai Motor Group SW Talent Recruitment Integrated Platform

It is an online platform for talented SW talent who will lead the future mobility of Hyundai Motor Group.
We provide SW competency diagnosis coding tests, networking programs with SW experts, and job openings in the SW sector.

Softeer main function

ChallengeDeveloper Competency Verification Channel

As a SW engineer, we provide you with a challenging opportunity to improve your development capabilities. You can diagnose your SW competency through exercises and certification/recruitment coding tests.

  • Practice

    Provide various practice questions for each level

  • Certification Test

    Pre-coding competency verification

  • HMG Coding Test

    Recruitment screening custom verification

ConnectChannel for communication between developers

We support communication for those who dream of growing as SW engineers. We provide the latest technology and Hyundai Motor Group R&D information, and you can talk freely.

  • Dev. Talk

    Developer Freedom Bulletin Board

  • Softeer Blog

    Provide group SW technical information

  • Softeer Event

    Software related event information
    (Conferences, coding competitions, etc.)

CareersChannels for Group Development Job Recruitment

Hyundai Motor Group's SW job information and customized recruitment information are provided to SW engineers who will implement future mobility together. Register in the Talent DB.

  • Dev. HMG

    Provide group SW development job information

  • Job Openings

    Provide group SW evelopment job information

  • Talent Pool

    Provides talent pool search function

ClassTraining channels to improve development capabilities

We provide a variety of educational contents to improve SW development capabilities. Check out the educational roadmap for systematic learning and the video for solving exercises.

  • Dev. Crew

    Online study group operation

  • Algo Tutor

    Provides lectures on basic computer science theory and practice problem solving

  • Softeer Academy

    Provide study guide and step-by-step educational content