About Business

Hyundai NGV is doing our best to provide internal and external support and cooperation in various fields including
technical information analysis/academy and industry joint research/recruiting talented personnel/training researchers and etc.

Technology Cooperation

Discovering technology/experts

We discover promising technologies and experts in the field of smart mobility for successful open innovation.

Discovering technology

We discover promising technologies for each research field to secure smart mobility technology.

기술 발굴

Discovering experts

We discover top-level experts in each research field to secure smart mobility technology.

전문가 발굴

Networking with Experts

We coordinate technological exchanges and create a human resource network with experts, aiming to share research trends and collaborate on the technologies of interest.

A Network of Experts

We operate a network of experts, including the technical advisory committee and professors on sabbatical leave, as well as technology seminars and R&D forums led by Hyundai NGV’s Technological Collaboration Team. We also convene in-depth discussions and lectures on R&D trends and research themes about new technologies to bring about high-quality, active industry-academy cooperation in R&D.

Technology Cooperation 체계

Operation Model & Effects

Hyundai NGV establishes a network of experts and provides a help customized to each issue, including lectures, technical discussions, on-site training, consulting, etc. Through these efforts, we help establish an R&D strategy and strengthen R&D capabilities, ultimately bringing about tangible operation achievements.

Technology Seminars
R&D Forum
Technical Advice
Advisory Panel

Industry-Academy-Research Joint Research

We operate a professional industry-academy cooperation model, establish an R&D network with universities and R&D institutes and build up a stable R&D foundation so that ideas can be implemented in reality.

Industry-Academy-Research Joint Research Model

We plan and operate an industry-academy-research joint research program, in order to collaborate with universities and professional R&D institutes when it comes to Hyundai Motor Group’s research subjects.

산학연 공동연구 모델

Industry-University Research Project and Startup PoC

A program to find out Hyundai Motor Group's technological needs in collaboration with external specialized research institutes

산학연 공동연구 모델
Research Project for Future Technology

A program to help universities to give shape to new ideas of technology

산학연 공동연구 모델


We operate a research supporting system for efficient task management and communication between Hyundai Motor Group and universities.
We operate an online competition system for discovering creative ideas in universities.

Research Support System (PMS)

Management of industry-university-research joint research projects

Two-way communication, schedule, output, research log, security data, etc.


Expert Recommendation System

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We recommend the best experts based on the expert DB for each major technology/region built through qualitative analysis and data such as papers and patents.


Recommended example

전문가 추천 서비스

Online Application System for Idea Suggestion (OASIS)

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We operate OASIS, in order to facilitate interactive information exchange between Hyundai Motor Group and colleges and to encourage creative research proposals.

* OASIS : Online Application System for Idea Suggestion (oasis.hyundai-ngv.com)