About Business

Hyundai NGV is doing our best to provide internal and external support and cooperation in various fields including
technical information analysis/academy and industry joint research/recruiting talented personnel/training researchers and etc.

Autonomous Vehicle Competition

We hold the Autonomous Vehicle Competition to support students’ creative challenges.

About AVC

The competition was launched in 1995, for the purpose of providing students with an opportunity to apply their creative ideas to vehicles and discovering talents in early stages.


In 2009, Hyundai held the AVC for the first time as a car maker, and since then, it has suggested a roadmap for future vehicles and supported research in intelligence vehicles to lead self-driving technology on actual road.

산학연 공동연구 모델

Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC)

We hold the AVC, aiming to expand the future vehicle research base at universities, to nurture research talents and to dedicate to the technological development of Korea’s automotive industry.