Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation

Hyundai NGV establishes a technological cooperation network in partnership with universities and R&D institutions at home
and abroad and engages in industry-academy-research joint research activities, aiming to secure future source technologies
and improve Hyundai Motor Group’s technological competitiveness.

Networking with Experts

We coordinate technological exchanges and create a human resource network with experts, aiming to share research trends and collaborate on the technologies of interest.

A Network of Experts

We operate a network of experts, including the technical advisory committee and professors on sabbatical leave, as well as technology seminars and R&D forums led by Hyundai NGV’s Technological Collaboration Team. We also convene in-depth discussions and lectures on R&D trends and research themes about new technologies to bring about high-quality, active industry-academy cooperation in R&D.

Technology Cooperation 체계

Operation Model & Effects

Hyundai NGV establishes a network of experts and provides a help customized to each issue, including lectures, technical discussions, on-site training, consulting, etc. Through these efforts, we help establish an R&D strategy and strengthen R&D capabilities, ultimately bringing about tangible operation achievements.

Technology Seminars
R&D Forum
Technical Advice
Advisory Panel