About Business

Hyundai NGV is doing our best to provide internal and external support and cooperation in various fields including
technical information analysis/academy and industry joint research/recruiting talented personnel/training researchers and etc.

Technology Cooperation

Industry-Academy-Research Joint Research

We operate a professional industry-academy cooperation model, establish an R&D network with universities and R&D institutes and build up a stable R&D foundation so that ideas can be implemented in reality.

Industry-Academy-Research Joint Research Model

We plan and operate an industry-academy-research joint research program, in order to collaborate with universities and professional R&D institutes when it comes to Hyundai Motor Group’s research subjects.

산학연 공동연구 모델

Industry-University Research Project and Startup PoC

A program to find out Hyundai Motor Group's technological needs in collaboration with external specialized research institutes

산학연 공동연구 모델
Research Project for Future Technology

A program to help universities to give shape to new ideas of technology

산학연 공동연구 모델