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Hyundai NGV is doing our best to provide internal and external support and cooperation in various fields including
technical information analysis/academy and industry joint research/recruiting talented personnel/training researchers and etc.

Future Talent

H-Mobility ClassDetail

Future Automotive Talent Cultivation Program

H-Mobility Class

The H-Mobility Class provides education opportunities to understand vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and robotics to talented people who will lead the future automobile industry.
If selected as trainees, they will take online basic contents that contain key concepts in the above three fields, and in-depth education linked to Hyundai Motor Company's R&D headquarters.
Through the H-Mobility Class basic/advanced course, you can grow into future R&D talents in autonomous driving, vehicle electrification, and robotics.

We plan to start selecting H-Mobility Class from 2020 and continue to expand the field and trainees.

Areas of Recruitment

Selection and course operation process

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