About Business

Hyundai NGV is doing our best to provide internal and external support and cooperation in various fields including
technical information analysis/academy and industry joint research/recruiting talented personnel/training researchers and etc.

Technology Training



Based on 20 years of know-how, from assessment to evaluation, we provide a high-quality HRD Total Solution by HRD experts.

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01. Assessment

  • Education Environment Analysis
  • Check the learner's prior needs
  • Education plan establishment
    • Goal, teaching method, scale, schedule, evaluation method
  • Securing infrastructure
    • Conducting pre-capability diagnosis evaluation of training centers/platforms and practice equipment
  • Conducting preliminary competency diagnosis evaluation

02. Design

  • Providing a pool of top experts in each field
  • Providing customized educational content
    • In-house course development
    • Hyundai NGV self-developed content

03. Implementation

  • Responsible operation system for one person / one course
  • Learner Motivation Activities
  • Customized learning support
    • Possessing operation process for each group training/real-time online training
  • Learning history management

04. Evaluation

  • Confirmation of educational effect through evaluation
    • Satisfaction evaluation, understanding level evaluation, competency diagnosis evaluation (pre/post)
  • Reporting customized results

hrd bpo